An Insight into Luke Lazarus’ Entrepreneurial and Business Consultancy Journey

Luke Lazarus is a passionate business consultant with an excellent track record in promoting the growth of startups in Australia.

He was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, where he has greatly helped young entrepreneurs.

He holds a Bachelor’s and Masters’s degree in business management; he earned his degrees from the Melbourne Business School, Australia.

Entrepreneurial journey

Luke began his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 after starting Luke Lazarus Consulting.

He spent much of his time improving his business and learning the ins and outs of Australia’s business environment.

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After growing his first business, Luke was approached by successful business moguls who bought his first private business.

Equipped with practical experience of Australia’s business environment, Luke is dedicated to taking a new path through starting to provide business consultancy services.

Luke’s business consultancy journey started.

After launching his consultancy firm, Luke was dedicated to providing vital business knowledge to young entrepreneurs who are managing startups in Australia.

He conducted his first few training programs in Melbourne, Australia.

Entitled ‘Growth Hacking Tactics,’ the program was a success with many participants.

Within a short time, Luke’s consultancy firm grew and expanded to become one of Australia’s most sought-after business consulting companies.

In fact, it is currently ranked as one of the best such companies in the country.

Luke’s passion for helping entrepreneurs has made him one of Australia’s leading business consultants and a respected figure in business circles.

He provides consultancy services to small-scale businesses and startups in Australia.

His clients are well-loved, who often give testimonials about his valuable contributions to their businesses.

Luke also runs his own blog at, where he provides business advice and insights to entrepreneurs around the world.

Luke Lazarus is currently an author of five books on entrepreneurship, which provide practical insights for young entrepreneurs in Australia and beyond.

His recent book, ‘Entrepreneur’s Success Formula,’ was released in early 2017; it focuses on helping young entrepreneurs to attain success in their businesses.

His book went on to become a bestseller within months of its release.

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