Audacious CEO Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has built a reputation for himself as a skilled and adept leader who is not afraid to make sweeping changes in order to turn around a faltering brand or business. His ability to make informed decisions that are grounded in data makes him one of the most sought-after leaders in the media and communications industry. He is known for turning around companies in a hurry and stopping them from experiencing total failure.


Mr. Levinsohn completed a bachelor’s degree in 1985 at American University. As a broadcast communications major, he learned the ins and outs of the technology and media industries. He co-founded a startup with another graduate, and they successfully ran their business until 1989. They chose to part ways, but the experience would drive Ross Levinsohn to entrepreneurship again and again.

Advancing His Skills

From 1989 through 2001, Ross Levinsohn accepted opportunities at a range of companies that are well-known to the public. His roles at Home Box Office, CBS and Alta Vista helped him hone his craft of leadership in media and technology. Fox Interactive Media provided him with the first opportunity to lead others as a manager in 2001. Their bet paid off when he became the firm’s CEO just a few years later.

New Partnership

In 2006, Ross Levinsohn joined forces with James Heckman to co-found a new technology business. They provided pay per click ad services to other entrepreneurs and startups. They earned such a tidy profit that Yahoo bought their firm in 2010. For the next nine years, Mr. Levinsohn accepted CEO opportunities at Yahoo, Tribune Company and others. Mr. Heckman founded Maven in 2010, and he grew it into a huge media firm.

Leader in Media

In 2019, Mr. Heckman needed the services of Mr. Levinsohn. Maven purchased Sports Illustrated. The formerly top-ranking magazine was at immediate risk of going under and failing. Mr. Levinsohn stepped up and enacted big changes. Those changes saved the magazine and expanded its audience. When Mr. Heckman felt comfortable enough to retire, he knew that Mr. Levinsohn would be the right person to lead Maven.