Caribou and Dylan Scott’s Future Plans for the Company

Caribou Delivery is just necessary. It’s not a luxury anymore, it is an absolute requirement and customers see it that way. Typically, they tend to go with the company that is already associated with the product they are ordering or the one that is closest to them when it comes to shipping. While this is understandable, it is also clear that they could be missing out on a better experience by making the easiest choice like that. Delivery is a really important part of the buying experience and customer service opportunities are taken for granted.

The new delivery company Caribou sees this gap in the experience and is looking to fill it with their special brand of service. As they work to expand their reach into the delivery market, they have not dropped the commitment they originally had to customer services that helped catalyze its initial creation with co-founder Scott Dylan. The question could be asked, how can customer service in package delivery be optimized? After all, as long as the package arrives on the doorstep most people forget the stress, they once experienced waiting for its arrival. Caribou wants to give customers more when it comes to this waiting period in terms of communication.


While it is true that a lot of package delivery companies now offer package tracking, Caribou is looking to implement a type of track that would allow customers to see where their drivers are in the local area as they bring their packages to them. This is one of the ways they hope to enhance the experience, by reducing uncertainty. From start to finish, the customer will know where their package is and even when it leaves the facility in its last leg of the journey, they will have an idea of exactly where it is and when it will arrive. The drivers will possess a level of certainty when it comes to their route. This makes working conditions optimal for good customer service by reducing stress and anxiety as they strive to get packages where they need to go in a timely fashion. The possibilities for Caribou as it implements services like this are seemingly endless.