Caribou: The Internationally Recognized Taxi App

Caribou Caribou is the UK’s best-known and most trusted taxi app. This cutting-edge company has created a unified service that allows customers to use their smartphone apps to request a taxi cab, track its arrival, book car services such as airport transfers, and more. Caribou is already revolutionizing the taxi industry and, in turn, helping to save the world.

It was founded as a startup company in 2012 by Alex Michaelis and George Letham at the age of 18. The young entrepreneurs designed their business to be one that not only meets the needs of its customers but also brings social good into the world.

From its beginning, Caribou has been dedicated to making environmentally friendly changes to how people live their lives—especially how they travel from place to place. The app provides a full range of transportation services, including cars, taxis, and limos, along with public transit options such as trains and buses. All vehicles are hybrids or electric cars.

The company even goes so far as to employ full-time drivers that do not smoke and must wear a tie while working. This level of service allows Caribou to have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. By reducing emissions, they are playing a part in protecting global air quality and helping to prevent serious pollution-related health problems like cancer.

It also strives to reduce harmful emissions from other sources, including machines used in data centers and factories. These reductions help to protect the people who live near these processes—particularly children and elderly citizens—as they can be exposed to dangerous levels of pollutants such as carbon monoxide or formaldehyde.

The company’s commitment to going green is not limited to transportation and pollution-related issues, either. It’s also encourages energy conservation by incorporating sustainable features into its operations wherever possible. A good example would be the LED lighting installed in offices and buildings that helps people save money on their electric bills while still receiving quality light levels.


Caribou’s impact on the world goes beyond carbon, though. As a socially conscious company, they also provide support for charities and non-profit organizations that work to improve the lives of others both in Britain and abroad. Some of these groups include Oxfam (a charitable organization fighting poverty and injustice) and Sport Relief (a special charity that raises money for people in need worldwide).

Caribou has also worked to improve their local communities by partnering with London councils and developing apps specifically designed to help families keep better track of their children who attend school. These efforts have helped to ensure the safety of children and reduce the workload on teachers and staff who are required to continually look for children who are lost or have been absent from school.