CEO Michael Patrick Carroll’s thoughts on collaborating with LCOR

CARROLL was founded by Michael Patrick Carroll in 2004. The company is known for its exceptional management style. Working with LCOR, another exceptional real estate company, CARROLL has managed to acquire some diverse properties with substantial value. M. Patrick Carroll, the CEO of CARROLL, is proud of the growth the company has been able to experience thanks to its collaboration with LCOR.

Growth in the Sun Belt region

The two companies have been expanding their reach into new regions. The sunbelt region has been one of the main regions of focus because of promising opportunities available. Multifamily units can bring in a quality amount of revenue when the right tenets and proper management are obtained. By building capital with LCOR and collaborating, the two real estate companies were able to acquire noteworthy properties like the Tortuga Pointe, a $200 million acquisition.

Successful partnership

Outside of the acquisition of the Tortuga Pointe, the two companies also purchased Sandy Springs, a multifamily property. The two companies invested millions into the property to update the facility. The units in the building were updated to attract more tenets. When acquiring a piece of property the two companies were careful about the image they are creating for residents. Things like advertisements and management style all affect what residents would think about the project. While collaborating the two companies were able to agree on most matters but when disagreements arose, M. Patrick Carroll was more than willing to listen to someone else’s advice.

About Michael Patrick Carroll

Michael Patrick Carrol has always been an ambitious individual. From a very young age, he dreamed of owning a real estate company. He chose not to finish secondary school, but he was still able to become one of the youngest individuals developing real estate. He believes in giving to the community and wants to set an example for youth around the globe.

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