Dave Antrobus Highlights Team-Building Techniques To Foster Productivity and Ease

Dave Atrobus.Keeping a business together often involves teamwork. Dave Antrobus has developed a way to keep employees feeling connected and productive whether they are working from home or isolated at the office.

Dave Antrobus is the director of the technology wing of Fresh Thinking Group, and that position requires collaboration with everyone from HR to other developers. Keeping the wheels of progress in motion inside the Fresh Thinking Group begins with assessing an individual’s skillset and level.

This process will take a manager about an hour, but that time is well spent at the beginning of a project. Using a friendly but professional approach can begin the team-building foundation. Discovering a person’s strengths and weaknesses can be an opportunity to develop a business relationship.

To start a skill assessment interview, Dave Antrobus likes to begin with a suitable conversation close to the topic but not necessarily a point-blank question. For example, you might ask that employee about their schooling or find out where they were raised. This type of interaction works well at the virtual level or in a traditional face-to-face setting.

Fresh Thinking Group encourages casual virtual meetings from time to time. A more lighthearted situation can bleed over and create a robust work environment. Dave Antrobus notes that these relaxed settings are a good place for management and staff to mingle and chat.

Most operations in the technical field require constant learning. Fresh Thinking Group took this concept to a new level by making some of the classwork team exercises. Developing skills with colleagues that are similar in strengths can be beneficial, but Dave Antrobus commented that some of the greatest ideas and inventions come when people from different backgrounds get together for a common cause.

With most technical staff still working from home, it is a good idea for everyone to sync up with other colleagues on a one-on-one basis periodically. This more intimate form of communication is not necessarily about team building, but the interactions can foster friendships inside business circles.

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