Eduardo Sonoda's Spontaneity and Adaptability During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 era has been full of uncertainty and turbulence. Its unexpected presence has forced many businesses to adapt their marketing techniques. Some trends that have been observed include companies emphasizing their importance and purpose to their audience, practicing agile market strategies, and making emotional connections with their costumers. Companies that have achieved success during the pandemic have also attempted to create more opportunities for customer participation, formed partnerships with other organizations, and utilized more digital technology. While COVID has had a significant impact on marketing, there are also other factors that influence how companies develop marketing campaigns. Some examples include the state of the economy, competition between similar companies, and demographics.

While the pandemic has challenged the marketing world, many leaders in the industry have utilized their creativity and flexibility to help their organizations succeed. One such leader includes Eduardo Sonoda, the CEO and marketing advisor of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory. After earning a degree from the London Marketing Academy, Sonoda worked in many prestigious marking companies. After achieving success in this field, he decided to establish his own marketing advisory in 1995. Nowadays, his company is a well renowned and respected organization in marketing. His firm has worked with many successful companies around the world, and has over 700 employees. During the pandemic, Eduardo Sonoda demonstrated adaptability and enthusiasm. An example of this includes developing hybrid events so that participants who are concerned about attending a meeting in person can do so from the comfort of their own home. Sonada also values engaging his participants, practicing spontaneity, and developing new and exciting ideas. With these techniques in mind, Sonoda has maintained a career as a successful entrepreneur throughout the years.

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