Fortress Investment Group: Securing Institutional and Private Investors’ Investments

In 1998, Wesley Edens and Randal Nardone founded Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment is a private equity and investment manager. Therefore, the company manages investments from wealthy individuals and institutions. Since its foundation, Fortress Investment has diversified its reach and tapped investment opportunities in a vast array of industries. For instance, the company has an investment in infrastructure, transportation, healthcare, energy, media, leisure, real estate, and financial. Fortress Investment Group has its headquarter offices in New York City.

Fortress prides itself in its performance in securing its investors’ money. They have therefore hired over 1000 employees and investment experts. The employees have an extensive understanding of a wide array of industries. Before embracing any investment opportunity, Fortress facilitates extensive consultations with its investment professionals. The Group has two investment arms: hedge funds and private equity. The hedge funds arm focuses on the liquid markets, while the private equity focuses on distressed and undervalued companies and illiquid credit assets. Fortress Investment Group invests on their behalf and their clients.

Private equity companies experience a lot of hardships and challenges, especially when defining investment strategies and structures. Fortress Investment Group has had a series of difficulties and downturns, especially during the 2008 economic recession. Nonetheless, its dedication to performance and high long-term investment returns for its clients motivated the company to push forward. Today, the company manages over $50 billion in assets and a clientele list of approximately 1800. Fortress has real estate management companies and investors like Eurocastle and Newcastle Investors.

The company has a dedicated leadership that prides itself on solid and indisputable corporate leadership. The administration is, therefore, in charge of defining the Group’s policies and practices.

Fortress has three principals: Peter L. Briger, Jr., Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone. The principals operate and lead Fortress from the New York office. Fortress has other offices in Singapore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Italy.