Greg Blatt’s unarticulated corporate success

Greg Blatt is an American executive from New York with substantial experience in the technology industry across The United States. He has an impressive career record, having had leadership roles as the head of more than three successful companies.

Blatt studied English as an undergraduate at Colgate University, then later joined Columbia University, where he studied law. After graduating from law school, Blatt got a job at one of the top mergers and acquisition law firms in New York. He worked there for some time before quitting to become an entertainment lawyer hoping to pursue a career in screenwriting. That’s when Greg Blatt met a client, Martha, who requested him to be general counsel of her company that was in the process of going public.

Blatt worked four years for Martha before getting an offer to be the vice president general of IAC, where he spent the next decade working for their dating companies. His experience enabled him to participate in the company’s strategic and operating decisions outside his job as legal counsel. This was just the beginning. Blatt went ahead to become the CEO of Match Group after being sent to Texas by Barry Diller.

His task was to provide solutions for the young company that was going through a rough patch. He managed to put the company back on track, and then went ahead to become the CEO of Tinder while leading Match Group. His journey did not stop there. After a while, he successfully became IAC’s CEO for some time, thanks to his problem-solving abilities and work ethic. At the helm of these positions Blatt ensured that the companies remained steadfast and relevant in the ever-changing tech world.

Blatt’s flexibility and hard work enabled him to lead major companies to achieve their goals and leave a legacy as a leading executive.

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