Gulf Coast Western- Making it Right!

Matthew FleegerGulf Coast Western is a company that stands out from the crowd and truly sets the standard for exceptional customer service. They received a A+ 5 out of 5 Star rating from the Better Business Bureau, whose ratings are based solely on customer reviews.

Their customers cannot say enough positive things about doing business with the company and are especially vocal about the integrity and values that CEO Matthew Fleeger leads his company by. Mr. Fleeger has a staunch commitment to his customers to always be working to make it right.

Anywhere you find Gulf Coast Western reviews you are sure to hear only the highest praise. One customer reviewed, “Since 2012 we have been working with GCW. GCW has communicated very well through the peaks and valleys of investing in the oil industry and the stock market woes and the factors that affect the oil pricing globally.” The customer made it a point to mention how grateful he is for the high level of character and integrity the Leadership team has consistently shown him over the years.

Matthew FleegerOther Gulf Coast Western reviews left by customer echo similar sentiments. Many mention the way the company is committed to doing what is best for their customers. One reviews says, “Before investing with Gulf Coast Western, I had little knowledge of the oil and gas industry,” says Mike Szot, and insurance executive from California. “The guys from Gulf Coast Western helped me along the way and provided me with a deeper understanding of the oil drilling business. I feel comfortable doing business with them,” he adds, “and I expect to continue investing with them in the future.”