Jack Mason and Inc & Co: A British Entrepreneurship Story

Jack MasonThe young entrepreneur behind Inc & Co, Jack Mason, is a 29-year old graduate from Sheffield. Starting as an aspiring accountant at a local chartered accountancy firm in 2010, he quickly realized that his passion lay with Entrepreneurialism and subsequently left his accounting career behind to pursue an entrepreneurial one.

He didn’t know it at the time, but he was getting ready for one of the biggest chapters in his life and the launch of Inc & Co, a high-end retailer that started as an online-only concept. Jack has grown an affluent and respected brand in just a short while, but it hasn’t been a piece of cake.

In the beginning, Jack had to face many challenges starting from securing funding, acquiring inventory, and handling the day-to-day operations that came with building a company from scratch. Looking back, he feels realizing his dream of creating one of Britain’s most prominent premium menswear brands couldn’t have happened without some valuable lessons learned along the way. It was a long journey, but now he believes it has all paid off, and that is why he decided to share his story with us.

Jack explains that an entrepreneur is nothing without authenticity. He says, “people connect with you when you are yourself”. It is best to be true to oneself and do what one enjoys because it will influence offered products or services.

Jack further explains that most people tend to try and copy others because they believe it can help them achieve what they want. He says, “there is no doubt that some aspects of things you see from others can inspire you but it’s not worth copying someone else”. It is essential to be a leader in one’s own industry and not follow the crowd or those already successful in achieving results.

Jack Mason

Jack Mason explains that a great idea must be implemented properly and can become something more than just an idea. He offers his own story as one of many examples; he had a genuine interest in starting up his own business. He used to brainstorm ideas and things that he wanted to do in the future. One day, he was sitting on the couch watching TV when an advertisement for some men’s clothing caught his eye, which had him wondering why it wasn’t sold online.