James Gutierrez, an Expert Financial Advisor

James Gutierrez is a renowned Silicon-based entrepreneur and philanthropist with a positive impact and contribution to community growth. He has helped many people improve their lives. James is well renowned as an innovative leader who creates ideas and products meant to uplift the community. For instance, the establishment of Oportum firm to offer loans to everyone without bias or discrimination based on gender, class, or race.

James is a leader with extensive skills that have made him serve in the executive teams of several firms. He is compassionate about helping people and has the self-drive spirit that makes him achieve his vision. Doing these has helped him rise to prosperity. He also upholds the authenticity value, never taking anything for granted. He handles every issue with the highest level of seriousness deserved. He adds that another way to succeed is by weighing the current or existing market trends and looking for a better approach.

James started humbly while at the age of 15. He began as an entrepreneur specializing in financial management. Oportun is his first company that was earlier referred to as Progreso Financiero. James established this firm primarily to help loan and credit offer to those denied the chance to access loans.

Several people confirm having benefited from the services offered by this firm. The loans provided by Oportun are not only affordable but also lack stringent rules. Through this, economic mobility opportunities and growth have been recorded.

In 2012, James Gutierrez also established Insikt, a loan offering company. This company’s area of focus was supporting investment in the financial and investment industry. James Gutierrez is also expected to launch a company that focuses on the provision of banking and insurance services to its customers. His comprehensive approach towards offering financial advice has contributed to his significant success.