Laura Rea Dickey Speaks Fondly of Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurants, Pulls Clients

With a few opening words, Laura Rea Dickey starts by saying that as a business, they have adopted a certain strategy that helps them to keep going. Laura Rea Dickey says, “Change is deep inside our lifeblood: stagnation is definitely our death.” However, what Laura understands is that as much they embrace the words, they are originally from another advertising icon, a British otherwise known as David Oglvy. This gentleman used words to spark millions of people into various businesses across Europe. No wonder, David’s words were so powerful that he was hired to advertise for huge brands, market frontiers such as Dove, American Express and Rolls Royce.

According to Laura Rea Dickey, she has adopted David’s criterion by trying hard to study what her clients do. In fact, she says that thanks to the in-depth study that is carried by her team, the Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant has been able to stay afloat amid the pandemic, when thousands even millions of businesses have been affected. The study has resulted in Laura Rea Dickey applying several advertising methods aimed at not only winning the trust of old clients but also to lure new clients, who upon finding the quality services at the restaurant keep coming back.

By following the advertising mode of David, Laura Rea Dickey has slowly transformed Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant from a mere family-owned startup into a huge restaurant anyone can be proud of. Today, having spent over ten years in the business helm as the CEO, Laura Rea Dickey vows to continue employing David’s strategies to ensure the business continues to shine. Looking back at the 1940s when the business started as a smoker into now 550 locations in 44 states, there is reason to believe that Disney’s Barbeque Restaurants is headed for even greater heights to include even more businesses to the family.

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