Mako Medical Thrives Under the Tenure of Chad Price

Chad Price is the founder and current CEO of Mako Medical. This online medical platform seeks to revolutionize the healthcare industry and has been doing so for five years.

The company provides various services like medical practices, employer groups, and hospitals on the lab side. Similarly, on the pharmacy side of things, it offers insurance brokers and self-funded employer groups.

It is also well known for its significant impact on society. For instance, the company hires medical veterans and extensively supports non-profits and Christian missionaries.

The team at Mako is also known to be the best as they always try to prioritize both the customer’s needs and experiences. By constantly going back to the drawing board to develop innovative technologies and processes that change entirely how their customers experience healthcare delivery.

Chad Price is a revolutionary who, despite the setbacks experienced when setting up the enterprise, still didn’t give in. The cash flow setback has since changed now that the company is up and running to recruitment, as finding the right team is never a walk in the park.

The Covid- 19 Pandemic

According to, when the pandemic struck, Chad Price and his team worked tirelessly with several tech companies to create a functional telemedicine platform that relied on texting technology.

Therefore, it didn’t require any downloading or sign-ups and, most importantly, was accessible to both the practice and the patient. The platform would cater to all the patient’s medical needs from Covid 19, chronic conditions, and general health needs.