Shopatainment is Growing into an Economic Force

The evolution of video has played a significant role in society over the decades. We have shifted from silent films to streaming devices that we carry with us. Today’s companies are learning how to use video to bring in potential customers, especially among the millennial and Generation Z crowd. However, people are becoming wary of how ads disrupt the tasks they perform on their devices. Advertising has been an established part of video media for years but what if the experiences of shopping and ads were combined?

Gurp Rai came up with the idea for droppTV while looking in vain for a jacket from a music video. From this model, he derived the term shopatainment or the seamless blending of content consumption and shopping. The goal is to merge commerce and entertainment with streaming into a cohesive whole. The company utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable a consumer to directly buy products from the video. The process is as simple as tapping on the desired item.

This system removes any obstructions such as redirects and overlays, creating a synergy between consumers having a non-disruptive experience, creators gaining better monetization, and brands gaining better data about their products. Because of droppTV’s origins, a music video was the first amalgamation touted by the company. Music videos showcase art, fashion, music, and culture but accrue losses when it comes to monetization. The way droppTV functions allows artists and creators to monetize their work while connecting with new fans. The company has partnered with unknown artists as well as notable ones, including A$AP TyY and Ashanti.

Global brands represent some of their clientele, having Agenda Show, COOGI, and LG in their marketplace as a few examples. This shows that shopatainment can be applied to various industries. Agenda Show uses the platform to augment its festivals, allowing viewers to purchase their clothing during the trade shows. There are also plans to use virtual and augmented reality to showcase items that aren’t physically present at the shows. The available information enables brands to watch consumer trends and use the data instantly to connect with consumers.

Thanks to the pandemic and new technology, customers are savvier about purchases. Gurp Rai has built a platform that uses video in a transparent manner to connect with people. This has revolutionized what it means to be a consumer, a creator, or a brand in today’s economic world.