Summary of Dechert lawyer, Caroline Black

Caroline Black is one of the attorneys at Dechert law firm. Dechert handles clients involved in investigations, enforcement, trade violations, and government investigations. The firm is defined as a white-collar law firm and on both sides of the Atlantic but the law firm is based in the UK. Caroline Black has been a partner since 2015 and graduated from the University of Birmingham and Nottingham Law School. Caroline Black specializes in criminal defense and investigations. 

Along with her main duties, she also advises some boards, organizations, and audit committees. Caroline Black has been with Dechert law firm since 2011 and is one of the main reasons for the firm’s success. She is described as an intelligent and talented individual with awards to her name. Black had an interest in law from a young age and knew she would embark on her journey as a lawyer (Bmmagazine). 

Her main strength was her love and talent to debate with others. However, Black was first interested in crime and criminology but it did not work out for her so she took the route of becoming an attorney. The successful lawyer first worked in the healthcare industry for several years and believed it gave her reputable experience as one of the most reliable attorneys in the UK. Caroline Black credits her upbringing for her success with her parents attending college and working diligently throughout their lives. Caroline Black learned a lot about law growing up by watching TV shows like “LA Law.” She recommends aspiring lawyers stay focused, accomplish their goals, and set a plan to get there. Caroline Black does pro bono work.