The Career Transformative Journey Led by Gary McGaghey As The CFO

CFOs play a vital role in any organization or company across the globe. CFO is an acronym word for Chief Financial Officer. According toPwC Pulse surveys, CFOs are experiencing a difficult moment during the last quarter of 2021 due to multiple competing policies and regulatory imperatives. CFOs play several roles in an organization including, carrying out debt ceiling negotiations, tax reform proposals, identifying foreign tax policy shifts, and recognizing the impact of regulatory and tax updates. For CFOs to achieve their primary goal and purpose, they ensure a close professional relationship with tax leaders.

Some CFOS, such as Gary McGaghey, have undertaken their roles to fulfill their 2021 last quarter agendas. According to PwC Pulse surveys, Gary McGaghey was among the roundtable CFOs’ talk, and he navigated through the list where CFOs should focus. Gary is an experienced CFO and group CFO of multiple international companies. Currently, Gary is working as the Group CFO of Williams Lea Tag, where he oversees mergers, restructuring costs, acquisitions, balance sheet refinancing, and carve-outs for the company.

William Lea Tag is one of the most successful companies that Gary McGaghey has led. Gary has previously worked in several international companies before joining Williams Lea Tag including, Unilever, Nelsons, and Robertsons. At Robertsons, Gary worked from 1993 to 2002, and later in 2002, he joined Unilever. At Unilever, Gary worked for 15 years before leaving to join the Nelsons company in 2017. While at Robertsons, Gary McGaghey worked with several other companies, including Robertsons Food, Baker Street Snack, and Robertsons Homecare. He served as COO, CFO, Group Board member, and the Vice President of Logistics.

After working at Unilever for a couple of years, Gary joined the Nelsons company for two years. He undertook several executive roles, including the CFO, Statutory Member, Executive Board Member, and the company’s secretary. See more information at