Through Her Innovative Skills, Miki Agrawal Has Introduced A Pocket And Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Toilet Paper

Miki Agrawal is recognized for constantly challenging the existing state of affairs regarding social issues and significantly changing American culture. She began her professional journey by establishing WILD, which is a gluten-free pizza joint in New York. Miki Agrawal then founded THINX, a company that focuses on creating reusable underwear used by girls during their menstrual periods. The company also offers sanitary towels to school girls in Uganda. Recently, she founded TUSHY, a project whose main objective is to make affordable latest bidet toilet attachment among other sustainable bathroom products.

 Miki Agrawal argues that using toilet paper is ineffective and can also cause Urinary Tract infections, yeast infections, and anal itching. Further, she adds that the old-fashioned toilet paper is non-environmental friendly as it contributes to the destruction of forests. Consequently, she initiated the TUSHY project that would provide environment-friendly solutions to these challenges. Due to the toilet paper shortage experienced in March 2020 as a result of the COVID -19 pandemic, the project saw an increase in its revenue returns. TUSHY made approximately $1 million on sales every single day since the onset of the pandemic.

The simple attachable bidets cling onto the toilet, and it takes less than 10 minutes to install. It costs less than $100 and takes three months to pay back to the user by reducing toilet paper expenditure. Miki Agrawal notes that TUSHY has saved 5 million trees from being destroyed for toilet paper production and has helped approximately 60,000 people in India gain access to clean toilets. Although the project experienced considerable challenges trying to get people to try TUSHY, millions of people who have already tried it are now spreading the word and recommending the product to non-users.