Academy of Art University Teaching  Students  as Indivuals

In 2022, Academy of Art University updated their powerful and amazing technological departments. The academy’s School of Web Design & Media has been renamed to IxD that is also known as School of Interaction & UI/XU Designs.

The School of Interaction & UI/XU is the way the art student of today is learning the craft. Web design’s a small part of Academy of Art University. Web design is only a fraction of the art work the art university is involved in. Students work with web pages that are also a new type of interactive software. The software is customized for the student’s individual needs. The Academy of Arts has grown tremendously since it was first founded in 2008.

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What is UI/XU supposed to be? XU is the part where the designer connects psychologically with the needs of the client. Once the artist connects with the needs of the client, it is time to implement the software.

According to School of Interaction Designs UI/XU director Fred McHale, the UI/XU experience enhances the person using the software. The software is user friendly and design centered. McHale wants the software used to continue what the student has been doing in class and enjoy the entire process.

As a software designer, the goal is to help the client solves problem. Designing software means understanding how the software can work to help the client get around the job’s obstacles when working with the computer.

Professor Andrea Pimentel at Academy of Art University is co-director of the web design program. Pimentel has worked at the art school for over five years. She says the school has changed. Students were given a thick manual instead treating students like idividuals. Many of the alumni students are hired to create UI/XU for clients.