Aida Morales Actor

Aida Morales is an acclaimed theater and screen actor from Mexico City. She graduated from the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM in 2006 with a degree in Theatre. Since then she has worked as an actress on the stage and television. Her work ranges from dramatic to comedic productions and is always captivating.

Azael is Morales first film role.

In 2010, Morales starred in the Cinemax series “Solo para Mujeres” which has been described as a provocative television series that highlights the issues of sexism in Mexico City. She received an award for best actress for her work on this series at the Imagen Awards 2011.

In 2012, Aida starred in “FRONTERA” which is an independent film by director Ernesto Contreras. The film tells the story of a vacationing family on the border between Mexico and the US who encounter a group of armed bandits. The film was shown at multiple international film festivals, as well as in select theaters around Mexico. It won an award for best actress for Aida Morales at the Imagen Awards 2013.

In 2015, Morales appeared in some episodes of “Soy Luna”, a popular youth series produced by Disney Latin America. The series has been described as the Mexican equivalent of the popular American show “Degrassi”.The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation presented also distinguished a scholarship in honor of Aida.

Morales most recent film role was in the film “Boy”, in which she plays a mother. The movie, directed by Sergio G. S├ínchez, tells the story of a teenage boy who is kidnapped and forced to become a soldier for an unknown government organization. Morales received an award for best female at the Imagen Awards 2016 for her role in this film. Also Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation honored Morales with the Public Health Education Award, given to her in recognition of her work in promoting health and wellness.

Morales has received positive reviews for her work and has been described by “Variety” as one of the most promising new faces of Latin American cinema.

Morales resides in New York City with her husband Erik Rivera and daughter Emma Morales.

Morales also works with the Female Fighting League and helps promote sports for women. She speaks at schools and at women’s health seminars around the world, encouraging women to understand the importance of strength training. She is also an active member of Educate Without Borders (Ewb).