Andrea Natale Utilizing Modern Technology to Provide Invaluable Care

Dr. Natale AndreaAndrea Natale is a world-class doctor in the niche field of cardiovascular disease, internal medicine, and electrophysiology. He is a proficient inventor, researcher, and instructor who has developed a meaningful array of tools significant for catheter-based atrial fibrillation. Sure, he flaunts as the foremost electrophysiologist to utilize a unique radio frequency-based ablation technique to treat cardiac patients incapable of using conventional methods. The researchers driving goal is to amplify patient’s experience through assistive technologies such as robotic devices and ablation catheters. The incredible doctor shines as a rockstar in the field of electrophysiology. In addition to garnering a myriad of industry accolades, the electrophysiology guru has been featured as a guest speaker in various symposiums.

Additionally, Andrea Natale has authored and co-written hundreds of articles on electrophysiology, cardiovascular disease, and internal medicine. Over the years, the exemplary doctor has pursued active interests in heart rhythm issues and identified great ways to help individuals improve their lives. His steadfast commitments and passion inspired him to establish a vein of ablation system utilizing circumferential ultrasounds to address pressing atrial fibrillation. Similarly, the electrophysiology guru has found an Andrea radio-frequency ablation technique.

Andrea Natale has achieved professional fulfillment throughout his professional career. The academician began his medical career in 1979 at the prestigious University of Florence Medical. Continuing his medical training, he enrolled at Catholic University in Rome to complete his program in 1989. He leveraged his newly forged expertise and perfected skills serving with the Air Force’s Department of Medicine. During this time, the clinician amassed a breadth of knowledge and experience integral to large-scale operations. Andrea Natale’s next move pivoted him to Cleveland Clinic, serving as the Medical Director of the Clinic’s Atrial Fibrillation Center and the Electrophysiology and Cardiac Pacing Department head.

In 2008, the remarkable clinician ventured forth to work with Texas Arrhythmia Institute. With conscious efforts, Natale has worked with various behemoth organizations and held positions of significant interest. He gloats invaluable leadership roles at extensive medical programs countrywide. Furthermore, the doctor is a true explorer in utilizing modern technologies to garner positive results in medicine.