Asot Michael – Works to Improve The Lives of Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda

Hon. Asot Anthony Michael, MP

Cabinet Minister, Antigua and Barbuda

Asot Michael is a parliamentarian and Cabinet Minister for the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. Although his family was always politically inclined, they never imagined Asot would go into politics. But after much deliberation, that is what he did, and now he works hard at building schools, righting laws and building the country up on the international front to bring more opportunities to the country. At Antigua & Barbuda, Asot Michael is a respected and trusted politician. 


Early Life

Asot Michael was born in Guadeloupe, French West Indies into a family with strong political beliefs. His family had migrated from the poverty ridden Middle East. His grandfather made a better life for his family giving his children better opportunities. His father grew to be a successful business man with political interests. Asot Michael went to Barry University and graduated with Honors in Economics and Finance. He went on to study a masters at the university of Miami. He returned to Antigua to work with the family business, Asot’s Arcade, but in 1995 decided to seek a position in government. 


He began as an administrative assistant to the then Prime Minister Lester Bird. He climbed the ranks and was eventually the Chief of Staff for Bird. Later he was appointed Senator and Minister of State. In 2001 he was appointed the leader of Government Business in the Senate. Today, he does his best to help the common people of Antigua and Barbados. Asot Michael is a dedicated family man who hopes to improve the circumstances of all people in Antigua and Barbados. Asot Michael understands families and their day to day struggle for survival. He hopes to influence the government to improve the lives of his constituents. 


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