Author Solutions Offers Self-Publishers A Chance For Their Works To Get To The Market

Since founded in 1997, Author Solutions has been the only hope for self-publishers who for many years have been struggling to see their works reach bookshops or even online bookstores.

Thanks to the robust network, latest gadgets, and a slew of other resources, Author Solutions is now posting as the only solution, perhaps a perfect antidote to writers’ issues across the world. According to the firm, it has been a steep heel challenge to independent authors to write, edit, finish, or even publish their works.

Now that the firm is here, independent authors will smile. According to Author Solutions, hitherto, the firm has been able to publish an upward of 300,000 publications. Although the works may be in different sizes and pages, the firm says it is a plus because those assisted under the program will not be below 250,000 authors. Even with this number alone, it means that were it not for AS, these over a quarter a million independent publishers would not have seen their works hit the market. See this page for additional information.

In order to achieve its goal, Author Solutions has invested in what the company calls latest technology. Truly, it is easy to see that AS has invested in latest gadgets. Now, authors do not have to fear that they will lose control over their works. Instead, thanks to AuthorCentric, a software intended to seal all the loopholes of stealing and manipulating someone’s work, authors can have absolute control of their projects.

Besides, Author Solutions offers high-end resources such as iUniverse, which helps them connect with thousands even tens of thousands of other authors. There is also Author Solutions’ Learning Center that comes in handy when an author wants to inquire or learn about something, he/she didn’t know in the first place. These and other resources have helped impendent publishers a huge way.


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