Beachbody Encourages Optimal Health

ShakeologyCarl Daikeler’s life mission is to help people gain confidence and maintain optimal health. He believes that these two values go hand-in-hand. Daikeler’s early career was spent in production for the NFL’s halftime entertainment shows. Following several years of that, he switched over to the infomercial industry. He noticed that a lot of people were in need of help for personal fitness. Recognizing that going to the gym was a hassle, he knew his production skills and personal passion for wellness could help others.

Beachbody came from Daikeler’s idea that a person would feel more comfortable if they could exercise at home. It turned out that people were also more likely to exercise when they could do it at home on their own time schedule. Although the program started with a handful of DVDs that people could buy, it quickly blossomed into hundreds of exercise videos. Some included celebrities, and many included Daikeler himself.

Carl Daikeler knew that his company would have to keep up with rapid technology changes, so he implemented Beachbody on Demand in 2015. This streaming service soared in popularity in 2020. People wanted to stay fit, even if they couldn’t venture far from home. His Open Fit app has also seen a rapid growth in subscribers. People can use it to join a virtual workout with friends, family or other program participants.


Another value of Daikeler is maintaining health through nutritious food. He saw that a lot of people eat a fast food diet. Those diets are low in vitamins, minerals and fiber and high in salt, sugar and calories. Along with some nutritionists and other experts, he created the Shakeology program. It’s the nutritional aspect of Beachbody. Shakeology is a protein powder that users mix into plant-based or dairy milk to make tasty, satisfying and nutritious shakes.

Shakeology shakes can replace a meal or fill in for a main dish. They’re portable, too. With at least 16 grams of protein per serving, they satisfy appetites. Fiber adds to the sense of a full stomach. Shakeology’s powders come in vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel and many other flavors.