Crest Executes MOU with Ethos Real Assets

rest has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be part of a joint venture (JV) with Ethos Real Assets based in San Francisco. The venture aims at developing robust tech systems to create and solve the business legacy and infrastructure in developing and developed nations. The founder of Ethos Real Assets, Jonas Lauren Norr, has been at the center of technological innovation in the Silicon Valley for many years. He is looking to connect the tools used during venture building and applied research to promote technological outcomes that will effect social impact and steer future innovation ecosystems. 


The JV will focus on leading technologies that provide impact while taking into account efficiency issues for main industries, including Agriculture, Energy, Healthcare and Natural Resources, through the use of innovative solutions provided by artificial intelligence, biosciences, chemistry and robotics. According to the MOU, the preparation is set to start in September 2020 in the first sites. Initial solution groups will be identified and tested in 2021. The JV aims to provide ground-breaking options to venture capital for core technologies with comprehensive industry applications in areas that are not international innovation hubs. 


According to Michael Collins, the President and CEO of Crest, commented that Crest is focused on looking for Alpha for their investors in resources and similar businesses. To him, the joint venture will lead the two organizations to the center of global innovation and provide them with easy access to state-of-the-art technology that will significantly alter the way mines are identified, sculptured and developed. 


The MOU states that Crest will give Ethos Real Assets 4,000,000 common shares for its responsibility in seeking and managing technical and incubation activities in the JV. Also, Ethos Real Assets will receive the shares for looking for local resources and stakeholders to generate results the JV will create on sites that Crest will expedite. 


Jonas Lauren Norr Board Appointment


Crest Resources Inc. is happy to announce the appointment of Jonas Lauren Norr to the company’s board of directors. The appointee has been an investor in early stage venture for many years. Also, his role at Gravity Ranch Ventures involves dealing with deep technologies generated from Stanford Research Institute to solve global issues. Jonas Lauren Norr has been the founder and CEO of five companies and his areas of interest include biotechnology, education, renewable energy, real estate and media. He is an executive advisor for SpaceFund and a technology and social impact speaker. 


Acquisition of Ore Capital Partners Ltd. and Sale of Mariner Resources Corp. Investment 


Crest invested in Ore Capital Partners Ltd. by acquiring a 36% interest. The transaction is expected to materialize in late August 2020. Moreover, the company sold 1,038,300 Mariner Resources Corp. common shares at $0.12 per share.