David Azzato’s Advice for UK Entrepreneurs Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has ripped through many business sectors of the United Kingdom. Lockdowns, travel restrictions and mandatory quarantine regulations have made it very difficult for thousands of businesses, especially those that rely on tourism. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have thrown in the towel.

David Azzato offered valuable advice for UK entrepreneurs to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic and keep their business dreams alive. He explained that one of the most important things to remember is to consistently build and maintain an entrepreneur mindset.

The true entrepreneur will always adapt to every situation and adjust to a new set of social and federal rules. They will be able to pivot immediately if needed but also assess and manage risk keeping them from changing everything on a whim. David Azzato explains that the entrepreneur is what he calls a “solution person” meaning they solve problems and adjust appropriately when needed.

As an example, Mr. Azzato explains that employees may be happier and more productive when working from home. The pandemic has forced the business world that rethink many norms to conduct their business during the pandemic. Being able to make these intelligent changes is what he explains as open-mindedness.

The pandemic has brought to the forefront many worst-case scenarios all over the world. David Azzato advises the UK entrepreneur to overcome emotion and try to put it aside by being practical-minded. He advises not to stop feeling but work despite them. Do not get discouraged if people stop buying a product or using a service, instead look to see what people are buying or using instead.

Throughout the course of the pandemic the solutions to many unforeseen problems had to be found. These solutions naturally created new processes and industries. Vaccines are being rolled out. The UK population will eventually get to herd immunity and the city, state and federal regulations will eventually be lifted. It is important for the entrepreneur to anticipate these changes. Many people have extra savings because they have not been spending on gym memberships and other pre-pandemic activities. UK entrepreneurs should look for current trends, predict new ones and be ready when the country fully opens.

One of the most important elements to having an entrepreneurial mindset is the determination to rise to new challenges explained David Azzato. The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered challenges unlike anything since the Spanish flu of 1918. Just like the challenges the 1918 pandemic resulted in many improvements in the world health care systems, our modern pandemic will have many similar effects still yet to be seen. Mr. Azzato explains that entrepreneurship is all about overcoming challenges and being able to see beyond the horizon. Never hesitate when a new challenge arises, but instead take action and rise to the challenge.

Be a solution-minded person. This is key to rising to the challenge. Observe the trends and take advantage of new situations and sets of rules. The business environment always changes, the modern entrepreneur must be ready to change with it.

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