Dr. Andrea Natale Is An Expert In The Field Of Cardiac Care

Dr. Natale AndreaThe heart is one of the single most important organs in the body. The heart needs to pump blood. In doing so, it makes sure that blood is circulated to all parts of the body from the brain to the toes. When something goes wrong, the results can be catastrophic. The heart may beat but it may not be able to deliver blood. People who have a heart that is not beating as it should may face all kinds of problems. One doctor has been working hard to come up with new treatments to help them function better and get at the real source of their problems. That person is renowned heart rhythm specialist Dr. Andrea Natale.

His Background

Dr. Andrea Natale is someone with a background in the field of medicine that extends back many decades. Over the course of his lifetime, he has consistently sought out ways to help patients who are suffering from this problem. His work began early in life when he was growing up in Italy. Here, he decided that the field of medicine was one that he could make his own. He quickly realized that it would be useful to seek out the highest form of medical training he could find. This decision led him to the highly prestigious University of Florence Medical and Surgery School in vibrant, lovely Florence, Italy.

Something More

His training here has given him the kind of fund of knowledge that he has used to help patients over the course of his career in the field. He decided it would be a good idea to move to the United States in order to further his understanding of cardiac care. Here, he has continued to inspire others and gain kudos for his work. He is the Executive Medical Director of one of the leading medical centers in Texas. His work is at the home base of Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute located in St. David’s Medical Center in Austin. He also organized the conference known as EP-Live where doctors can learn even more about cardiac conditions.