Fortress Investment Group Forms Fortress Private Wealth Solutions

Fortress Investment Group is a significant global investment manager established in 1998 and manages over $45.7 billion in assets for more than 1,900 private investors and organizational clients globally in a wide range of real estate and credit, permanent capital, and personal equity investment strategies.

Fortress Investment Group, based in New York, recently proclaimed the creation of Fortress Private Property Solutions. This investment will leverage the two decades of expertise and experience of Fortress Investment Group to help individual investors seeking significant access to alternative private markets and asset classes. Fortress Private Property Solutions is part of Fortress Real Estate and Credit businesses, which have the world’s most sophisticated and prominent institutional investors.

The new Fortress Investment Group business, also headquartered in New York, is led by managing directors Adam Bobker and Nils Wilson; Mr. Wilson joined this group in 2005. He has been the director of the Capital Formation Group of Fortress since 2010. Bobker joined it in November 2022 after serving as the managing director and leader of BlackRock’s Alternative Investment Sales and Private Property Advisory Group. Mr. Bobker and Mr. Wilson salute Fortress Head of Investor Relations and Capital Formation, Todd Ladda.

Wilson and Bobker believe there is a significant increase in the need for alternative investment products by various private investors. The two managing directors said in a joint statement that Fortress would help those who demand organizational-grade investment solutions customized to the needs of private capitalists.

Fortress Private Property Solutions will distribute its products through MOUs with leading private banks, independent dealers and brokers, registered investment advisors, and leading warehouses. The third force supply of Fortress Private Property Solution’s commodities will be backed by a committed internal marketing and sales team. Mr. Bobker and Mr. Wilson will deliver strategies, product establishment, and distribution for the new venture and supervise a developing group of leads supporting third-party distribution. Refer to this page for additional information.