Franci Neely

As a philanthropist and a participant, Franci Neely is active in various organizations.

Neely enjoyed a lengthy and fruitful career as an attorney before transitioning his focus to philanthropy.

Before she retired from active legal practice, Franci Neely served as a partner at the law firm of Susman Godfrey, L.L.P.

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Her career as a litigator in the business world lasted more than twenty years and included many fruitful rounds of dialogue.

Since she retired, Franci Neely has devoted much of her time volunteering with various charitable foundations.

Currently serving as vice president for the Craftsmanship of Islamic Worlds and Film of Islamic Worlds select committees at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, where she also sits on the board of directors.

Additionally, Neely serves on the boards of directors for the Baker Institute of Public Legislation and the Moody Center for such Arts.

In addition to being engaged in the decision-making process at The Menil Foundation, she was instrumental in establishing the Houston Cinema Arts Community.

She has also provided monetary support to several of these institutions throughout her career.

Although she makes her home in Texas, Houston, Franci Neely has a solid desire to travel.

Throughout her life, she has visited over 180 nations, some of which include Morocco, India, Cuba, and Kuwait, among many others.

She takes photos whenever she can, and one of her goals is to visit all of the world’s nations armed with a camera.

Neely received a degree in law from the University of Texas in Austin, where he excelled academically and graduated with high honors.

When asked about a single development that excited her, she responded that the experience of living through a pandemic had given them a lot to think about.

Through broadcasted performances, compiled tours, and a series of lectures, the artistic community could learn how to reach audiences that were both more numerous and more multifaceted.

These things will go on regardless of whether or not we get to feel the electric energy of live performances or get up close and personal with initial works of art.

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