Franci Neely

Franci Neely is a young entrepreneur and founder of Frenchie Wraps.

She has started from the ground up with small online shops to now employs over 50 people in her company.

She inspires many young entrepreneurs and strives to “do what you can with what you have where you are” (Stephen C. Voss, Neely).

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She had traveled around the world and was born in Dublin, Ireland, then moved to Oxford, England, when she was young.

She moved to Boston at the age of 11 and started her first business at the age of 15. At 16, Franci had made over $60,000 in sales (Neely).

She also had many other businesses; her biggest business was with First National Bank from 16-17 (Neely).

This was when she was starting her business in Oxford.

Franci has learned that everyone’s situation is different, just like her, and will talk about the most important things she has learned. “Pay yourself first” (Voss).

Franci is a self-made entrepreneur trying to help others not only to start a business but also to learn how to be successful.

“Don’t spend time worrying what other people think” (Neely).

Franci has a strong love for technology and mobility. This is the reason Franci creates her app, Frenchie Smart. “Never be afraid to ask for help” (Neely).

Franci was very young when she had to start her business.

She asked for help from the local shopkeeper, who gave her some advice on how to improve her business and set a larger goal for herself.

“Think outside the box” (Voss).

Franci has gone to the local business school, MIT. “Know your strengths and weaknesses” (Neely).

Franci has been very successful in her business due to the effort she puts into it.

She knows how to work smart and succeed in all areas of her life.

Her advice is simple but hard to do, “Think BIG.” Franci has a good mind for technology and can think of ways to improve on what she does.

This is the reason Franci is successful.

“Follow your gut” (Neely). She follows her gut feeling to make the right decisions for her business.

“Be a leader and not a follower” (Voss).

Franci Neely always wants to contribute to a larger cause and make a difference in people’s lives besides just making money.

Franci has always had the drive to succeed and always made sure she does what she can with what she has.

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