Gordonstoun gets ranked as one of the leading public schools in Scotland and the entire United Kingdom to play host to some of the global figures who have attended this school.

One notable figure that has gone through this system is Prince Phillip, famously referred to as the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Besides being a school for the prominent royals, Gordonstoun has another reason to shine among the equals.

It is important to note that Gordonstoun was conceptualized and started by the famous educational thinker Dr. Kurt Hahn.

Hahn is also the inspiration and the brain behind the global award known as the Duke of Edinburg.

This prestigious international prize usually targets young people who cannot afford to attend Gordonstoun and offer them an opportunity to participate in the school through a scholarship.

Currently, the school has a mix of students under the Duke of Edinburgh scholarship from approximately 150 countries worldwide.

Duke of Edinburgh prize has a lot to thank Hahn for, as his contribution to this program was immense.

But unfortunately, most of his contribution does not get recognized or accorded the much appreciation it deserves.

But to understand his role in realizing the Duke of Edinburg award, we must take a closer look at his life.

Hahn is widely known for his unwavering commitment to integrity, high levels of morality values transferred into the designing of the Duke of Edinburg prize.

Hahn was born to a Jewish family in Berlin, where he was raised and attended school.

Before moving to Oxford University in the United Kingdom, Hahn had participated in two other universities in Germany that formed the basis of his love for pedagogical philosophies.

The two universities that Hahn attended were the University of Heidelberg and the University of Gottingen.

While at the University of Oxford, Hahn brushed his shoulders with the British system of education, particularly the public system, and got interested in how the system operates.

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