High Academic Standards Are One Thing Betsy DeVos Aims For American Education

All students have talents. People should be able to find their talents early in life and follow them wherever they might lead. This is something that Betsy DeVos believes in. She wants all students to discover what it is that they do best in life. When children are given this kind of support in life, they tend to develop into highly confident adults who are truly prepared for anything that life might throw at them. This a process that Betsy DeVos knows oh so well. She has watched it happen time and again in her own life. As the mother of four, she knows exactly what can happen when kids are given access to a hugely supportive academic environment. She has done her best to implement this process in her own life as a mom. She wants all parents in the United States to have the same ability to do it in their own lives.


Helping Students Reach High Standards


Helping students reach for the highest possible standards can take a great many forms. For Betsy DeVos, this means that she wants all of the students in the United States to find schools that can nurture their talents and bring them to life. Many local schools are unable to serve all of their students. That is why Betsy DeVos wants to see changes made. She wants students to be able to find the best possible schools for their plans in life. As a major advocate for American educational reform, this is what she has accomplished in her life. She has made it easier than ever for parents to find schools that can bring their child’s best qualities to life and provide an expert educational foundation. That is her passion and the aim of what she has done in her life.


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