How Laura McQuade Became A Success

Laura is now the president of AA but it was a long & arduous road to get to the role in which she now serves. She spent all of her childhood on a hardscrabble farm known as green acres. She enjoyed the experiences she had there but was confident that she would one day do great things in the corporate world. This is why she was adamant about getting into a good college after leaving high school. She found the perfect fit in the form of holy cross & this is when she hit her stride in terms of her academic prowess.

As her grades began to rise, it was time for her to find out what she wanted her career to look like. So she met with her advisors & went to all the career events in an effort to carve out a bright future for herself. When she was confident in the plans she had crafted, she went on to matriculate at grad school where she was able to complete all the requirements she needed. She liked being a bulldog but knew the time was right to land her first job. So she set her sights on helping women fight for the rights they deserve & that’s how she came to work for the center for reproductive rights in the summer of 08. She was there for more than 6 years until PP made her an offer she could not refuse. She then served as their new CEO.

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