How Ron Gutman Thrives in Eras of Change

Ron Gutman is one of those rare people who seems to excel in times of exponential change. His innovative mindset has led the inventor and serial entrepreneur to build and run successful companies that break-ground in the industry. Not to mention, his many investments into companies, organizations, and people dedicated to changing the world for the better. 


Educator and Writer


In addition to his prowess as a businessman, Ron Gutman is also an accomplished scholar who’s lectured at such places of prestige like Stanford University. One of his most famous lectures took place during a Ted Talk where he really emphasized the impact of smiling and positive thinking. In Fact, it was so popular it was translated to dozens of languages and watched by millions around the globe.

Sapient Leadership


Ron Gutman would go on to co-author a leadership framework, Sapient Leadership. Sapient leadership is all about helping leaders lead in a wise and humane way during times of 3-D Change. He sees 3-D Change as the new normal and the ability to navigate it as the future of leadership. Currently, Ron Gutman leads all the Sapient Leadership projects. 



Gutman’s first big break as an entrepreneur came in 2006 with his founding of Wellsphere. He sold the online consumer health company roughly three years later. By that time, it had served more than 100 million people. He made another venture into the healthcare industry a year later and founded HealthApp, a healthcare technology platform. Healthcare expert Ron Gutman is also responsible for the creation of Live Long & Flourish Club. he founded his latest company, FestiHealth during the pandemic.