How Stephen Bittel Has Managed to Operate in Property Business for More than Forty Years

Being in the industry for very many years clearly demonstrates that there is something unique that an individual has been doing that other organizations have been failing to do. It is very obvious that most of the organizations have not been lasting in the business environment for very many years. Some companies have been collapsing as they operate in the industry for less than five years. This makes it really hard for such organizations to achieve their growth intentions in business.

Stephen Bittel is the only real estate expert who has been able to last for a lengthy period in the real estate industry while being successful at the same time. This is a unique operational aspect that cannot be matched by a considerable number of other people who have been looking for some of the other sectors where they have been operating because they have not been very successful.

Stephen Bittel is the Founder and Chairman of Terranova Corporation. The firm primarily invests in commercial real estate. In 1978, Bittel graduated from Bowdoin College. Then in 1982, he received his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law.

Also, the complexity of the industry plays a very central role in determining whether individuals will be successful in what they have been doing in a certain sector. Stephen Bittel has been in the real estate business. This is one of the complex sectors where very many organizations have been failing to meet their operational needs. A huge number of entities have already collapsed as they have been looking to have an influence in this business.

Bittel has proved that a business leader can last in the market for a longer period as compared to other people who have been looking for some of the unique ways through which they can remain relevant in the business industry.

Stephen Bittel has been in this sector for more than forty years. This is a clear demonstration of his skills and ability when it comes to handling some complex issues in this market while at the same time looking for success in this area. Go here for more information about Bittel.


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