Huascar Lopez, Founder & CEO at CashFx Group


Huascar Lopez career started in 2010 at the age of 23. He was working as a developer for an investment bank in Buenos Aires, Argentina. By 2012 he decided to start his own company, CashFx Group and pursue his dream of building a software driven discount broker that would target low-income individuals who didn’t have access to credit cards or interest free loans. They would have to borrow money from loan sharks at very high interest rates.

Huascar got the idea while working at the bank he was tired of seeing people borrowing money with loans sharks and buying things they couldn’t afford.

He started CashFx Group in 2012 and since then he’s been growing the business to an average monthly revenue of $1.1m with a net profit of more than $200k per month.

Huascar Lopez is a strong believer of the power of giving back, he’s set up a foundation to help make international education accessible to children at risk of being abandoned by their family; he has donated several computers and other equipment to schools, and more recently he’s started a charity in Bolivia that offers prepaid mobile phones and solar panels to families in need. Through these projects Huascar Lopez has been able to grow his business from 1 person in 2011 to an average monthly revenue of $1.1m in 2014.

Huascar Lopez was voted #1 at the 2012 Argentina’s Young Entrepreneur Awards for his work with CashFx Group. He continues to stay busy in 2015 with numerous charitable initiatives and growing his international business to know more click here.