Investing Successfully: Unpacking the Skills Needed to Succeed

Investing can be a hugely rewarding venture, especially when done successfully. But what are the skills needed to make a successful investment? We turn to Don Manifold, Joint Managing Director of Equity & Advisory in Adelaide, to get some insight on this. He offers his expertise and analysis on key skills investors need to succeed.

Research and Planning

When it comes to investing, thorough research and planning are essential for achieving success. Manifold advises his clients to “take their time and fully understand the market before diving into investment opportunities.” This means doing your due diligence about the company or sector you plan to invest in and familiarizing yourself with current trends and macroeconomic conditions. It is also important to have a clear plan with predetermined goals that will help guide your decision-making process.

Risk Management

Manifold acknowledges that risk is inherent when investing but emphasizes the importance of effective risk management strategies. “It is always important to weigh up potential losses against the gains and consider whether or not any risks taken are worth it,” he says. Knowing which risks are acceptable and which ones should be avoided is an important skill for any investor—one that requires careful thought and consideration of all possible outcomes before making any decisions.


Patience is another key skill identified by Don Manifold as being essential for successful investments, particularly those of a long-term nature, such as stocks or property investments. While quick returns may seem attractive, they come with greater risk than those investments that offer slower returns over time but provide more stability overall.

Investing can be incredibly rewarding if done correctly. However, it requires certain skills, such as research, planning, risk management, and patience, to be successful over time. It is also important not to rush decisions without first considering all factors involved to avoid unnecessary losses. Taking a measured approach with deliberate steps will significantly increase your chances for success, according to Don Manifold of Equity & Advisory in Adelaide.