Jason Hughes, The Chairman, CEO, and Owner of San Diego-based Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes is a reputable entrepreneur who held the position of the President and Owner of Hughes Marino from 1995. He attended Pepperdine University for his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (1987-1989) and went to the University of San Diego for his MBA in Finance and graduated in 1993. Jason Hughes has garnered several skills in finance, buy & sell, business management, contract management, business analysis among others. It is with this experience that he can run one of the best and extensive companies, Hughes Marino.


Hughes Marino


Buyer representation firm Hughes Marino is an entity that has established itself as a household name through its unique services. Through its expert team led by Jason Hughes, it provides its customers with innovative solutions to make them thrive. They have majored in sale-leasebacks, project and construction management, purchase and sale scenarios, tenant and buyer advisory services, multi-market national representation, workplace strategy, planning and design, auditing services, and lease administration just to name a few. Nonetheless, Hughes Marino is widespread as they can provide their services to over 45 states; you just have to state where you are interested.


You might be wondering, why Hughes Marino? They have the exact values that you will be interested in.

1. They value confidentiality; which means your transaction with them stays between you and them.

2. There is zero conflict where the clients are assured to get the products that they exactly need and transparent operation.

3. Led by Jason Hughes, the team at Hughes Marino is specialized; within the team, there are experts such as attorneys who will help their clients at a moment’s notice. 4. Finally, the company has created a name for themselves and they are respected as one of the best companies.