Josh Garza

American drummer Josh Garza performs with the Los Angeles rock group EFG and the New York City rock band The Secret Machines.

In the early 1990s, Josh Garza lived in New York City and played drums for the band, Purling Hiss.

He was also playing drums for Phantogram, a band that had just started recording their album “Eyelid Movies,” and was one of their two drummers.

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The other drummer was Brad Davis, who later became a Garza’s EFG band member.

Garza also started a band called The Golden Dogs. He was the drummer, guitarist, and vocalist for the band.

They played around New York City for a year and a half before breaking up.

In 1997, Garza was asked to join Jeff Austin’s band, The Apples in Stereo.

He played drums on their “Fun Trick Noisemaker” album and tour, which he says was one of his proudest achievements from that period.

When The Apples in Stereo tour ended, Garza went on to play drums for EFG.

He was the drummer and the vocalist for two of the band’s albums – “The Ugly Organ” and “No Lights No Lanes.”

Garza has benefited greatly from his study with Rishell.

About three to four months after living in New York City, Garza moved to Los Angeles.

He toured with The Secret Machines in 2003 before becoming the drummer when they decided to start writing new music.

Garza stopped touring with The Secret Machines in 2005 and focused on his drumming education and his work with EFG.

Josh Garza has become a great drummer and teacher, even though he learned to play drums without guidance from a metronome.

Josh is an exceptional example of how one can develop as a musician by seeking out the knowledge of others and paying attention to what they have to say.