Katelynn Berry is Still Missing and Missed by Family

The search for truth continues as the family of Katelynn Berry misses her dearly since December 21st of 2021. It’s been months since the last time Hank Berry has laid eyes on his daughter. At least, his last words to her expressed a father’s love and care, as he remembers saying “Give me a hug.” Check out this article: https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/local/missing-montana-woman-with-grand-cities-ties-died-from-hypothermia

This final farewell played out in her apartment located in Sidney right before he walked through the door. There’s no way he could have known it would be goodbye. She was kept safely above his workshop, so naturally he stopped by again just a few days later. However, she had already disappeared by then. When did it all happen?

Following her father’s house visit, other family members reached out to Katelynn repeatedly with phone calls. Something was amiss as she did not answer. When the calls went to voicemail, her mother, Carmell Mattiain feared the worst. After holding strong for more than a week, Hank Berry reported his daughter missing.

Due to circumstances surrounding the disappearance, Katelynn’s parents suggest their daughter is the victim of foul play. They trust that law enforcement authorities are doing everything possible to uncover the truth. Investigators may have ‘some people of interest’ in mind. God willing, her family members and loved ones may find answers and some kind of peace to help them handle this ordeal.