Kip Lewis shares valuable business recovery lessons

Kip Lewis has taken the time to guide business leaders on the road to business recovery. This is after his Austin based investment business suffered a major financial set back at the onset of the pandemic.


He observed the turbulence most businesses underwent in 2020. That inspired him to outline important lessons business leaders must embrace to avoid future business shocks.


Here are some of the most notable ones:


· Adopt flexibility


Agility in business processes provides the right cushion in case of business environment shocks.


· Embrace digital marketing


Businesses ought to tag along as consumers migrate to the internet in search of products and services.


· Connect with technology trends


Businesses and their teams must remain updated on the rapid technological shifts. This enables them to adapt their business models accordingly.


· Protect your teams


Staying on top of employee challenges is key in helping them cope without affecting their productivity.


· Cut excessive spending


The cost-cutting mindset the pandemic has nurtured in businesses must be upheld by learning to do more with less.


· Provide communication support


Eliminating vague business communication helps employees react soundly to business crises.


· Continuity support


Business leaders must uphold the same culture of trust and dependability even for remote employees.


· Plan for the future


Setting the right contingencies in place minimizes the impact of unpredictable business shocks.


· Diversify your business


Business continuity can be upheld by creating multiple revenue streams within and outside the company.


Way forward?


Secure the stability and continuity of your business by borrowing a leaf from Kip’s experience.


The future of business environment will always be uncertain. Before a crisis comes calling again, become better prepared this time!


Who is Kip Lewis?


Kip Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Lewis Investments. The Austin based firm specializes in real estate and development.


He studied in both Texas State University and The University of Texas. This earned him an undergraduate degree in Business Administration.


Lewis Investments began its operations from a mere 35-acre RV/MH Community in the La Frontera development region of Round Rock.


The development later expanded into a 60-acre multiple use project.


To date, Kip Lewis has acquired and redesigned a whopping 45,000 sf of historic buildings in Round Rock.


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