Larry Baer SF Giants CEO: Key Organizations To Be The Best Team In The Season

Larry Baer is optimistic that the team he’s going to lead in the next season will largely depend on the players and not the big leagues. He also reiterates that that will also be dependent on the farm system, including those around them. The Giants CEO reiterates that he intends to have a disciplined team, and how he’s going to achieve that will depend on how well he develops his players, especially those that haven’t participated in the minor leagues.


The SF Giants CEO points out that his team has tried its best to remain competitive as they rebuild. He admits that after the 2021 season, there will be over $100 million that will come off the books. They’ll also be a star-studded free-agent class that is bound to ensue in the coming months. Larry Bear acknowledges that ownership never interfered with Zaidi from Dodgers, given that he’s dominated the free agency.


The SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer, even points out that he’s handed out two multi-year deals to Zaidi and Scott Harris. He helped Chicago Cubs in developing their contribution and still looking to guarantee players $20 million. The Giants CEO notes that players should expect a lot more flexibility as the team gets to 2022. He notes that he wants to keep adding the team smartly regarding the players coming in and ones in the minor leagues.


The Giants CEO also acknowledges that there are no significant changes in the team’s desire to be competitive. He reiterates that the team has made significant progress made in the previous year, given that there were expanded playoffs, but they worked hard to the last game and earned a playoff spot.


The SF Giants CEO firmly believes that there’s no way they will pull back on being competitive and ultimately getting back to the World Series. See this page for additional information.


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