Matthew Fleeger: Gulf Coast Western CEO’s Review

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is a renowned investor in the gas and oil sector and has realized success in many businesses. Before becoming the successful CEO he is today, Matthew Fleeger has hopped into different ventures like all the dedicated entrepreneurs do.

Matthew Fleeger attended the Southern Methodist University where he garnered enough knowledge in marketing and finance. Fleeger was meant to succeed after graduating because of his father’s success in the gas and oil industry. Therefore, he was inspired to pursue the business world by high ambitious and entrepreneurial nature.

However, for about seven years, Fleeger moved from one job to the other to garner sufficient exposure in the oil and gas domain. Matthew Fleeger Dallas succeeded in executive duties because of his exemplary leadership skills. Fleeger assumes certain entry positions, but quickly advanced up the ranks, and even though several Texas ventures wanted to hire him, he decided to join Gulf Coast Western, the family investment.

Matthew’s stink at the company was rewarding, but he was dedicated to exploiting his entrepreneurial skills by establishing a personal venture. Matthew established MedSolutions in 1993, a firm responsible for the collection, valuation, and organization of healthcare wastes. Within 14 years, Fleeger served as MedSolutions’ director, president, and CEO, and led it to outstanding success.

In 2007, Stericycle approached Fleeger intending to absorb MedSolutions, and after intensive negotiations. he sold it for $59 million. After selling the company, he returned to Gulf Coast Western, and out of the experience as CEO, master negotiator, and founder, Matthew became the president, and still holds it. Matthew Fleeger’s entrepreneurial and tycoon story is inspirational and relatable.

Matthew Fleeger

Fleeger’s motivation to establish a company came from his father who started in 1970 that he later took over. Fleeger did asset acquisition for another oil venture to grow the client base and financing capacities. Matthew Fleeger’s day begins by taking the kids to school and then arrives in the office at 08:45.

He spends one hour prioritizing the day, and then address the critical activities, and then follow the normal schedule. ingenuity and innovation happening in the American oil industry is the most exciting development Matthew Fleeger Dallas notes.