ZeroAvia is Being Formally Recognized for its Innovative Hydrogen-Electric Technology

As a leading producer of hydrogen-electric aviation products, the ZeroAvia company was designated in June 2021 as a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. A recent article on the ZeroAvia tells of how the WEF’s 100 new Technology Pioneers are generally new and/or small companies whose innovative use of technology is likely to be … Read more »

Through Her Innovative Skills, Miki Agrawal Has Introduced A Pocket And Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Toilet Paper

Miki Agrawal is recognized for constantly challenging the existing state of affairs regarding social issues and significantly changing American culture. She began her professional journey by establishing WILD, which is a gluten-free pizza joint in New York. Miki Agrawal then founded THINX, a company that focuses on creating reusable underwear used by girls during their … Read more »

Dr. Harris The Precursory Chief Economist at the SEC Talks About Online Trading  And the Online Trading Academy

The world is rapidly changing and forcing industries and people to adapt to different ways of doing things. And with the current pandemic, most individuals and industries are left looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. In the aspect of change, most individuals are being forced to consider careers that require them to … Read more »