Pam Baer Offers A Strong Example Of How Philanthropy Can Change the World  

What does it take to change the world for the better? Pam Baer provides us with an answer in the form of her own life. Pam Baer has been determined to help the world from a young age. However, that desire really solidified after her son was injured in an accident. After the San Francisco General Hospital restored him to health she realized her true mission in life. She became determined to help vulnerable people find the medical care they deserved.

Pam Baer decided to begin by following a similar path as the hospital which first inspired her. She quickly joined the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. She served on the board of directors until being named their first Lifetime Director of the Board. Pamela Baer has raised an estimated $250 million during her time with the foundation.

It’s not just that she’s raised money for a good cause either. Part of what makes Pam Baer so remarkable is how she inspires positive change. For example, Tony Bennett is well known for his iconic song “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”. Pamela Baer saw the potential there to focus people’s attention on a good cause. She was able to get the famous singer to perform his hit song at the launch of the SFGH Foundation’s Hearts project. This event features sculptures to show hospital workers and the community at large how loved they are.

Of course, these accomplishments only scratch the surface of what this impressive leader has managed to accomplish. She’s constantly brainstorming new ideas, even in the middle of a fitness routine. She states that her hikes combine relaxed mindfulness and productive energy. The mixture is perfect for creative brainstorming. Likewise, her life offers solid inspiration for those who want to make the world a better place. See this page on Twitter, for additional information.


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