People Choose Beachbody for Fitness

BeachbodyCarl Daikeler has always been a proponent of whole-body wellness. He not only promotes it, but he also lives the lifestyle. His interest in nutrition and fitness goes back decades. His early career in the NFL as a producer of halftime shows focused around the feats that the human body can perform while under intense scrutiny and pressure. He took that experience to the infomercial industry. For eight years, he created motivational content that was focused around the sale of health and fitness products for consumers to use in their homes.

After spending years listening to consumers, Daikeler thought he could offer a new type of motivation to help them attain their desired level of fitness. In 1998, he brought together a team and launched Beachbody. At first, it was a simple exercise program. It started with 12 workouts of a half-hour duration. The 30-minute workouts could be done without any fancy equipment or pricey workout clothes. Participants didn’t have to pay any gym fees or drive to a gym and be stared at by people who were already quite fit.

People new to fitness loved this option of at-home workouts. To satisfy their demands for additional exercise options, Daikeler produced workouts at a faster pace. He starred in many of them, which was a testament to his passion for his work. It wasn’t long until the library of Beachbody videos included hundreds of different types of workouts for people at all levels of the fitness journey.


Knowing that exercise wouldn’t do a lot of good if a person had a nutritionally poor diet, Carl Daikeler added Shakeology to the program. The 2009 launch of the protein powder was a huge success. The powder can be purchased in a whey or plant base, so it’s useful to people with all types of dietary preferences. Sample packs are available, so a person can taste all of the flavors in one or both protein blends and pick one they like. Once a person knows their preferred flavor, they can get a value pack. Shakeology’s protein and fiber combination reduces intense food cravings.