Philanthropist and Retired Business Litigator Franci Neely: Making Impactful Contributions and Advocating for the Arts

Franci Neely is a philanthropist and volunteer-based in Houston, Texas.

She previously worked as a business litigator for over 20 years and is a retired partner at Susman Godfrey, L.L.P.

Neely is involved with a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, where she serves as Co-Chair for the Art of Islamic Worlds and Film of Islamic Worlds subcommittees, and the Baker Institute of Public Policy.

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She has also helped found the Houston Cinema Arts Society and is involved with leadership decisions at The Menil Foundation.

In addition to her involvement with these organizations, Neely has made financial contributions to support their missions.

She has also traveled to over 180 countries, enjoying photography while traveling and hoping to see every country with a camera in hand.

Franci Neely graduated from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Law with high honors.

In her philanthropic work, she focuses on making impactful contributions to fewer organizations rather than spreading her funds across many organizations.

She believes this approach is more meaningful and allows for more resounding support for the causes she cares about.

She also believes in being proactive and not procrastinating in order to bring ideas to life.

Neely is excited about the trend of using technology to reach broader and more diverse audiences in the arts community and believes that this trend will continue even as live performances and original works of art become more accessible again.

She advises her younger self to make choices for moral reasons and stick to them, and avoid making impulsive decisions.

As an entrepreneur, she recommends taking time to consider decisions before committing to them, and learning from past mistakes in order to improve and be more effective.

She has learned from her own mistake of giving too little to too many organizations and now focuses on supporting a smaller number of organizations more deeply.

Neely also values compassion and kindness and recently spent $100 on a young man who helped her flag down an Uber when she was alone and feeling threatened.

She wanted to show her appreciation for his kindness and generosity.

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