PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart: Save on Your Energy Bills

Posigen is an energy company that has multiple services which include energy audits and solar panels. If you want to reduce your energy bill substantially, then Posigen is the company that you want. For one thing, the solar power company allows you to install solar panels if that’s something that you are interested in exploring. According to PosiGen CEO ThomasNeyhart, you simply tell Posigen about your interest, and they will bring the technical expertise to get it done. The next step after you tell the company what you want is that they have to go get permissions and fill out paperwork for you and help you get that done. 


After this is accomplished, they can proceed on to installation. After the Posigen panels are installed on your roof in the place where you want them, what happens next is inspections to make sure that everything is working and corresponds to the rules. After this, they can turn the panels on and activate them so they start saving you power. They will generate energy for your house to power electrical devices using sunlight, PosiGen CEO points out. They will also give you a special meter to make it so that you can be given credit when you generate enough energy that you put it back into the grid to help other people power their houses. 


In this way, you can actually end up paying for the cost of installation given enough time. At that point, when everything is paid off, everything that you earn through your system will be purely extra. According to PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart, the credits you earn at the solar power company can be used to pay for your electricity during periods when you can’t generate any electricity at night. Plus, on top of all of that, you’ll be helping the environment by making our energy use more sustainable. This is because you’ll be generating energy from sustainable sources, such as sunlight, instead of relying on more temporary and problematic sources such as fossil fuels. The more people that use Posigen’s help to switch to this way of sustainable living, the more the world’s carbon footprint will go down and the better off the environmental health of the world will be in the long run. 


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