QNET Scam – Middle East’s Largest E-Commerce Platform

QNET: Established in 1997, QNET is among the most popular and rapidly growing online business communities in Asia. With its strong international community of more than five million consumers worldwide, QNET is among the world s largest and fastest-growing direct selling communities and one of Asia’s leading online shopping and business opportunities. Because 90% of QNET of consumer transactions are done online, the organization must deliver a stellar customer experience across a variety of channels to its retail clients and international IRs. The company currently has a large presence in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, in addition to Indonesia and Malaysia. As it expands into new markets shortly, QNET plans to increase its presence in other countries through its acquisitions and strategic alliances.

The strategic alliance with Singapore Technologies Corporation (TSC) is a key factor in the growth of QNET as it works towards expanding its business into the rapidly growing Middle East region. TSC is a very successful company in the middle east, with operations in places such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates. This alliance will help QNET promote its products and services while also working to strengthen its e-commerce solutions. This alliance will further provide QNET with access to a larger audience, as well as more robust marketing and support systems to enhance the robustness of its e-commerce websites and operations.

As a part of the alliance, QNET will be able to utilize the latest technology, such as the Cloud, to further enhance its e-commerce websites and its overall customer experience. The partnership also includes several joint venture partnerships, which will provide QNET with additional resources and opportunities to increase its visibility and market share within the Middle East. These opportunities will further enhance the support that is provided to independent representatives working to grow QNET and will provide an increased platform for QNET affiliates to promote their business. By working closely with these key partners, QNET has positioned itself to firmly expand into the rapidly growing Middle East region.

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