QNET: Signs Of Bone Disease Direct Sellers Shouldn’t Ignore

Based in Hong Kong, QNET has an international presence, possessing subsidiaries and branches in over twenty-five countries, and also is regarded as one of Asia’s top web-based company’s wellness. Through direct sales, QNET has served millions of customers in over one hundred companies worldwide.

It can be difficult to determine the state of your bones. Bone diseases are complicated for ordinary people to understand. When not treated in time, the patient can have long life diseases. QNET prevents its agents from getting osteoporosis, one of the most common bone diseases in the world.

QNET has already termed this disease as a silent killer. QNET gives the disease this name because the patients rarely feel it. When patients have it, they start to lose their bone mass. When the bone mass has been lost, its not easy to replace it. Patients can watch out for this disease through these signs;

Getting shorter: osteoporosis causes its patients to become shorter. If you realize that your well-fitting trousers are starting to spill over your shoes, then you should consider checking out for his disease. If the shirt that was getting to your waist is going below your hips you should get worried about the disease too.

People with osteoporosis experience problems when the spine bones collapse, making the patient become shorter. Patients can lose more than an inch of the total weight when the spine bones start to collapse. The ideal weight of a person is when they are in their twenties. Any change from the height you had at this point in your life should be a concern.

Falling out of teeth: Teeth loss is common because of various reasons. falling out of teeth could also mean that you have bone disease. The teeth have a strong connection to the jaw bone. When the jaw starts to lose its bone, the gums will start to recede fast, causing your teeth to fall every now and then. This symptom is common for patients with bone disease, but it should not always make you conclude that you have osteoporosis.See this article to learn more.

They employ the RHYTHM philosophy, that translates to (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind), in which all the Qnet employees get required to contribute towards charity missions. The money collected goes to Taarana, a school for children with special needs where their education gets supported with special programs. Also, with the partnership with Rashid Paediatric Centre, young disabled youths are educated.


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